What’s a VN?

Visual Novels are a video game genre featuring a text-based story with an interactive narrative, potentially having multiple branching storylines with different endings.

Aided by sound, music, and static or sprite-based visuals… they resemble mixed-media novels and Choose Your Own Adventure books.

— Wikipedia

If you’ve ever wished that a book could include art and sound, or that video games could focus more on stories rich with imagination, then the Visual Novel genre is for you.

Do you want the reader to develop a personal relationship with your characters? Let them uncover special scenes by spending more time together, agreeing or disagreeing with each other, and other kinds of interaction. Do you want them to share in the fantastic locations and mysterious treasures of your world, or simply experience the warmth of their dear home-town? Let them freely navigate these environments at the touch of a button.

VNs are quick to develop compared to most other game genres and can be completed on a relatively low budget. Sound effects and music only enhance the atmosphere, while colourful, attractive hand-drawn graphics can ensure that a Visual Novel never looks dated even years after its release.

Using the Ren’Py VN engine, your game can even include custom gameplay elements, run inside most modern web browsers, or work natively on your preferred Android device.

The only limit is your imagination! And we’re here to help.