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Sep 2015


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The Next World
Golem Creation Kit
The Zone Stalker Stories

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A small but proud team of expert mercenaries, capable of making dreams come true (presuming those dreams involve creating amazing, story-rich video games).


Early history

IG was founded in late 2015 as an independent game studio creating fun games with powerful stories told through images, words, and sound. Headed by writer/designer Ryan A. Span, following the successful release of Euclidean by Alpha Wave Entertainment, IG aimed to deliver excellent experiences in a variety of genres, supported by a team of bright new talents in the industry.

The Next World and Golem Creation Kit

Strategy/visual novel The Next World was the first game to be developed by IG, released by publisher AAD Productions. Praised for its writing and style, the success of TNW and its expansion Planetary Exploration gave further fuel to IG's efforts. This resulted in cute pixel art drag and drop game Golem Creation Kit. GCK gained acclaim among players for strong characters and storytelling.

Post-AAD and Present

AAD became defunct in early 2018, cancelling all its ongoing projects. In this period IG experimented with many prototypes but these ultimately proved impractical. In January 2019, formal development began on something entirely new -- The Zone: Stalker Stories. A striking visual novel and RPG card game, The Zone represents our most ambitious and well-crafted experience yet.



The Zone: Stalker Stories Trailer 1 YouTube

GCK Greenlight Trailer YouTube

TNW Trailer YouTube

IG Intro Cinematic YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "Golem Creation Kit is a wonderful and somewhat subversive experience that is not easily defined."
      - Bob H P, Steam Store
    • "Adorable characters and graphics, and a compelling story... This game is truly more than what first meets the eye."
      - Vixxynn, Steam Store
    • "I started playing it and became so engrossed that I ran the whole story for 5 hours straight until 1 am."
      - NeoG, Steam Store
    • "Love this kind of stuff and I look forward to the next thing the devs make."
      - NeoG, Steam Store

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Ryan Span
    Writing, Programming, Misc, Team Lead

    Haoning Wu
    Background Art

    Jimi Osborne-McNeilly
    Environment Art

    Elle S
    Monster Art

    Jannick Miki Damkvist
    Original Music and Sound

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